PILOT Nights: The Send off line up announcements

Birmingham based writer & performer Francesca Millican-Slater, and Birmingham based artist & writer Demi Nandhra (both of whom are previous co-PILOTS, and have each tested out early ideas of their work with PILOT Nights) will be our last ever co-PILOTs.

They invite you to board this specially chartered PILOT FLIGHTS for the final PILOT Night, as we cruise through the past 15 plus years with on-flight entertainment and a chance to fly your own craft! Drinks and snacks will be available to purchase from the in-flight bar.

As part of the evening’s celebrations, two new pieces of work will be presented specially for the event.

DAY / NIGHT by Graeme Rose
With a nod to ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’, Graeme Rose eulogises the passing of an era.
He listens back to a reel-to-reel recording of PILOT Nights co-founder Simon Day – musing on what it is to bring an idea into the world, see it grow, and ultimately say goodbye to it.

Baby Dumpling by Valentina
Baby Dumpling loves to dance. Baby Dumpling eats 10 sausages a day. Baby Dumpling doesn’t give a fuuuuck. Join Baby Dumpling in an energetic performance that explores unfiltered expression, re-discovering ‘freedom’ and finding fascination in everything you see and feel. Laugh, dance, sing, stuff your face, get your bum out, throw up, have a tantrum that brings the house down. Do whatever you want, just stop thinking about it.

In addition to these two commissions, there will be a screening of a specially commissioned short documentary that will look back at PILOT Nights, from film maker Rachel Bunce.

Plus, Bladder and String will be presenting Echoes of Invention, a brand new interactive sound installation.
In the 1960s, Delia Derbyshire (the Coventry woman behind the Doctor Who theme tune and electronic music pioneer), with Barry Bermange, created Inventions for Radio – four audio pieces that, through interviews, explored people’s experiences of dreams, ageing, afterlife and faith. Bladder and String’s Echoes of Invention is a modern reimagining of this work presented through an explorative installation.

Do come and enjoy the work of all of these wonderful artists, and more. Say ‘goodbye’ with us and give PILOT Nights a great send off!

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