• Venue

    Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford Upon Avon

  • Co-Pilot

    Royal Shakespeare Company

  • Date

    21st June 2015

O.ur second PILOT Sites for theatre makers working in sited and/or outdoor setting took was curated by the Royal Shakespeare Company and took place in the building and grounds of the theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon as part of their Midsummer Sundae event.


The Fabulariam: The Town Band of Bremen, performed by The
Midsummer Mechanicals Location: BANCROFT TERRACE

After the success of Pyramus and Thisbe, Peter Quince, Bottom and a coupleof their friends have returned with a new tale to tell: The Town Band of Bremen. Meet the amazing-yet-mismatched musical family who are journeying to play the gig of a lifetime in the land of the free, to become The Town Band of Bremen.

The Town Band of Bremen is a new outdoor family show from The Fabularium, featuring storytelling, live music, mask work, puppetry, and a medieval cart that can be processed through town centres, community parks, and festivals.

Bright Particular Spiced Indian Air location: TOWER

“Set your heart at rest, the fairy land buys not the child of me.”

Titania, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 2 Scene 1

But what became of the “lovely boy, stolen of an Indian King” who sparked so much magic and mischief in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Join the Indian Boy on a sensory, storytelling journey as he discovers who he is, and who he might become.

Written by Kristina Gavran
Directed by Jenny Jenkins

Bright Particular is headed by director and writer Jenny Jenkins, and aims to stage new writing and classic texts, and take audiences on a journey. Jenny is currently part of Birmingham Rep’s Foundry programme.

Hannah Silva: Shakespeare’s Lucky Dip Location: SWAN GARDENS

Hannah Silva needs your help to re-jig Shakespeare.
You are invited to contribute to a Shakespearean Lucky Dip – a soup of words from which Hannah will compose a virtuosic vocal performance in which the old and the new combine, collide and concatenate.

Hannah Silva is a poet, playwright and performer, based in Birmingham, and known for her innovative explorations of form, voice and language in performance.

Alice Cooper and Claire Willoughby: Shake(speare) it off! Location: UPPER CIRCLE BAR AND SWAN GARDENS

‘Shake(speare) it off!’ is a pop-up performance act, using Shakespeare’s heroine Ophelia as the basis for reimagining and exploring possible Shakespearean feminist pop stars. Prepare to be wooed and humoured by two very different Ophelias, brilliant costumes, synchronized dance moves, mashed up lyrics and tongue-in-cheek Shakespearean in-jokes!
Alice Cooper and Claire Willoughby are based in Scotland and share a love of play, music and dark humour, and use improvisation as a tool to create new performances.

Miranda La Mutanta: “Where the Bee Sucks…” Location: SWAN GARDENS AND ACROSS THE SITE

Meet the Queen Bee, and discover how you can help her with a vitally important quest. Along the way we
might find out how ideas and inspiration travel. Do they have wings? Are they blown by the wind? Or do they need curious people to carry them from place to place?

Miranda La Mutanta is a honey-loving artist, illustrator and inventor of games and installations.


Venue & Co-PILOT: The Royal Shakepeare Company