• Venue

    Warwick Arts Centre

  • Co-Pilot

    Stephanie Ridings and Nick Walker

  • Date

    14th October 2014

The October PILOT Nights saw us jetting over to Warwick Arts Centre for another great night of work from of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies. Nick Walker and Stephanie Ridings were the trusty Co-PILOTs for this one.


2 Magpies

‘The Ventoux is a God of Evil, to which sacrifices must be made.’ Roland Barthes.

Mont Ventoux is a cycling climb so steep that it is beyond categorisation, terrifying both philosophers and cyclists. Its mystical landscape claims lives and breaks mental spirit. It is also the scene of the greatest ever stage of the Tour de France between Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani in 2000. Armstrong’s sacrifice was to gift victory to Pantani. Pantani’s sacrifice was his own life just five years later. Now one is revered, the other disgraced. Ventoux replays this race live on stage, but this performance will be enhanced by hindsight and projection, not drugs.

Ira Brand
Be Gentle With Me

This is a piece about being told that you are sick, and being told that you are well. It is also an experiment in the space between personal testimony and fiction, a messy use of autobiography and blatant untruths.

Ira is an artist, writer and performance-maker. She creates live performances that are rooted in a fascination with what it means and feels like to be human. She is making a new show about notions of ‘health’ and ‘illness’, and this is an early outing of some of her research.

The Plasticine Men
There Shall Be Fireworks

In the dust bowl of a far away country, an ex-stockbroker bids farewell to any chance of peace in the land that took his heart. A real-life adventure story that nearly changed the world, inspired by The White Cemetery in Afghanistan.

For PILOT, we’re setting aside the material we’ve made so far to spend a few days coaxing ideas that were lurking in the corner of the room out into the open. Working with just one performer (rather than the three who will be in the final piece) we’re trying to distil a sense of what’s at the show’s centre.

Jack Trow
Point Nemo

A lighthouse at the end of the Earth. Three dutiful lighthouse keepers, unclear on the precise length and purpose of their mission keep their light flashing in the hope a passing ship may break the isolation and boredom.  But the incessant rain adds both to their gloom and the rising sea water. As their territory shrinks and their radio signal fails to provide a useful frequency, how will they cope spending that much time together?  Is being an offshore lighthouse keeper really as romantic as it sounds?  Is that a ship on the horizon or just wishful thinking?

Paul O’Donnell
One Thing on His Mime

Come and be seduced by this mime, come and see him perform in the glass box, drink from the imaginary cup and be pulled by the invisible rope. He’s just like all the others, led by the same set of strict rules a mime must follow in order to be. But perhaps, hidden away there, is a person underneath the face paint waiting to escape that ‘glass box’ he is trapped inside. Can the rules of being a mime really be so black and white?

Hannah Silva

Schlock! is a powerful feminist satire for the cut and paste generation.

In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah has ripped up her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and now, surrounded by the crumpled pages and with the help of radical punk-pirate Kathy Acker, she attempts to put the female body back together. Join them on a journey through texts and voices pregnant with pain and pleasure, mothers and babies, domination and submission. In a performance as strange as it is beautiful, we discover there are no safe words.


Venue: The Arena Theatre

The Arena Theatre is an intimate 150 seat venue in the heart of Wolverhampton, providing innovative theatre experiences for everyone. Their programme offers work reflecting the city’s rich cultural diversity.




Co-Pilot: Kiruna Stamell

Kiruna Stamell is a theatre-maker, actress, dancer and stand-up comedian, working internationally between Australia, UK and Europe. Born in Australia, Kiruna has recently re-located to Birmingham and is developing her work through her company A Little Commitment.