• Venue

    mac Birmingham

  • Co-Pilot

    Jouvan Fucini and Toyin Omari-Kinch

  • Date

    31st July 2014

At the end of July, PILOT Nights returned to the lovely setting of Cannon Hill Park to present an evening of innovative and exciting work in progress performances at mac Birmingham with Co-Pilots Jouvan Fucini and Toyin Omari-Kinch


The Bone Ensemble
Chocolate- The Cabaret

Chocolate – The Cabaret is a new piece of music theatre created by Jill Dowse, with additional writing by Nick Walker. A witty exploration of our passionate, sometimes dark relationship to chocolate – from its use in Mayan sacrificial ceremonies to Victorian innovation; from the slave trade in cocoa farming to our deep nostalgic relationship to our favourite childhood chocolate bars. Along the way, it gets its teeth into big business, Quakerism, Cadbury and Kraft…This work-in-progress takes the form of a solo, mini-cabaret – the final piece will feature two additional performers, making up a three-piece band. Oh, yes.

Performer: Jill Dowse Collaborative director: Adam Ledger


Karla Williams and Rebecca Coley
No God, No Girls

Based upon true events, No God No Girls is a witty and poignant story charting the lives of two brothers. Born into the Unification Church, Jack has never fit it and when his father kicks him out he promises never to return; but can the scars of the pass ever allow him to move forward? Meanwhile his brother Elijah is facing his own demons as he strives to live the life the Church would have him. Only there’s one problem – he prefers boys to girls and True Father has his own ideas about the homosexual community.

Cast: Jack – Warren Butcher, Elijah – Rob Ellis , Keiko – Emiko Ishii Dad – Matthew Ward

Brave New Worlds

An exploration around ideas of virginity, womanhood and holiness, reimagining the holy trinity in its ‘female form’ (mother/daughter/holy ghost). BraveNewWorlds are an experimental performance company creating aesthetically driven work.

Makers/Cast: Guoda Jaruseviciute, Kate Lane and Lola Lane


Rachel Dealtry

‘You live in a shit flat. Your life’s shit and your boyfriend’s running his shit skunk business out of your kitchen cupboard. Your step brother’s a massive psycho who thinks he’s Marilyn Monroe. These posh twats have turned up at your door and ‘Marilyn’ decides he’s having a party! You just want to get pissed on Lambrini and paint your best mate’s nails neon yellow. But she’s desperate to go home and you’re trying to persuade her not to because you’ve got this sick feeling in your stomach that everything’s about to go Pete Tong . . .’

Directed by Christa Harris

Cast: Mark: Ciaran Duce, Squiggle: Sope Dirisu, Becky: Charlie Reilly, Mandy: Miriam Edwards. Nick: Jack Robertson, Lucy: Sara Page

Alice Mary Cooper
Blue Cow

From 2013 Brighton Fringe New Emerging Talent Award nominee (Waves) and maker of the Must See (The Stage), When Alice (Cooper)met (Prince) Harry, comes a new work in progress from Australian performance maker Alice Mary Cooper. Blue Cow weaves three autobiographical stories from Alice Mary’s life all based on the ideas surrounding contamination. The work mixes real life stories from residents living in ‘contaminated sites’, to the story of being a new migrant to France, to the tales of gardening in Finland. The work mixes storytelling, multi media and masks to tell a story we can all relate to.

Dramaturgy: Marie Louise Cookson



Venue: mac Birmingham

Located in Cannon Hill Park, mac birmingham offers a busy programme of theatre, dance, independent cinema, exhibitions and special events, as well as a wealth of practical classes in all aspects of creativity. It is a family friendly venue with arts activities for all ages.




Co-Pilot: Jouvan Fucini and Toyin Omari Kinch

The Co-Pilots for this event are Jouvan Fucinni and Toyin Omari-Kinch. Jouvan is a Writer, Director, Devisor, with a focus on making work for and with young people, he has an on-going relationship with the Belgrade Theatre,Coventry. Toyin is a Producer and Performer with a string of acting credits to his name, he recently has developed his skills as a Producer at Birmingham REP and the Curve, Leicester. Together under the banner of Future Theatre they are interested in developing new work, with new artists, for new audiences, that explores and reflects on the diverse nature of contemporary British society.