• Venue

    The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

  • Co-Pilot

    Kiruna Stamell

  • Date

    6th February 2014

After ten years of popping up in venues across the West Midlands, the region’s much loved work-in-progress night returned to The Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton. Co-Pilot Kiruna Stamell curated an eclectic mix of performances from some of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies.


Teasel Theatre Company
As You Like Ish

Best friends Rosalind and Celia have run away from court. One is dressed as a boy, one is dressed as a shepherdess. They’ve dragged a hapless footman with them. Now, in the forest of Arden and away from the restrictive rules of normal life, they are free to play their own tunes.

On the heels of their darkly comic adaptation of Bruno Vincent’s Grisly Tales From Tumblewater, Birmingham theatre-makers, Teasel, weave a musical, magical take on Shakespeare’s comedy, on friendship and on behaving badly in the woods.


Spinning giddily – and not always clearly – between crime-scene-investigation, misguided therapy session and cack-handed séance for doomed starlet April Six, mingbeast present a cryptic and chaotic exploration of how we remember and of why we might prefer to forget.

In this new work, mingbeast explore the structuring of a performance that re-works and re-processes, again and again, the various fragments of a vast and sprawling narrative. As a jumbled collection of characters and events are fed repeatedly through outlandish psycho-therapies, manic re-stagings and misguided memory-exercises the narrative shifts in and out of focus.

Tonight we will be experimenting with knife therapies, bingo and the art of masked hypnosis.

RedDress Theatre
The Storm

The Storm is a playful, moving story of twin sisters separated as children in a storm at sea. Childishly quirky and slightly strange, Elizabeth and Alice write the story of their lives, of how it was changed forever by the dramatic events of the storm. Inseparable yet separated they meander through memory and through dramatic adventures.

They share sisterly moments, both wild and quiet, accompanied by strains of cello music and the obsessive tapping of the typewriter keys. But as we watch events unfold there is an increasing tension which develops . . . what is really happening . . . and what is conjured up in Alice’s imagination.

Gary Kitching and Greyscale
I’ve Told People Things

By Gary Kitching
Directed by Selma Dimitrijevic
Designed by Oliver Townsend
Cast Meg Fraser and Gary Kitching

I’ve Told People Things is a story about a man’s relationship with a psychic, and a psychic’s relationship with a spirit.

It’s a story about seeking solace in the unknown, and failing to connect to the living.

Its a love story. Of sorts. And there is a ghost.


Venue: The Arena Theatre

The Arena Theatre is an intimate 150 seat venue in the heart of Wolverhampton, providing innovative theatre experiences for everyone. Their programme offers work reflecting the city’s rich cultural diversity.




Co-Pilot: Kiruna Stamell

Kiruna Stamell is a theatre-maker, actress, dancer and stand-up comedian, working internationally between Australia, UK and Europe. Born in Australia, Kiruna has recently re-located to Birmingham and is developing her work through her company A Little Commitment.