A few quick questions…

Are you planning to come to the next PILOT nights? If so, could you take 5 minutes to answer the following and we’ll reward you through performance:1. What was the first film you saw in the cinema and who took you?
2. Do you have a memory associated with this experience?
3. Your favorite Moment in a film?
4. If you were character from a film who would you be and why?

Email answers to pilotnights@gmail.com

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What we have in store for you on the 19th March…

Not Long Now until the first PILOT Night of 2015, so we thought we’d give you a little taste of what you can expect:

Demi Nandhra – Life Is No Laughing Matter

Life is no laughing matter but depression is.

I hope it is! I’m fed up of it not being…..funny!

Demi Nandhra for the sake of her own sanity is doing a show about her depression. A ‘funny’ show about depression. Delving into her past, present and not so much her future,( she doesn’t like the future, it scares her). She will talk of feelings, causes and her cure (yes she has a cure). There will be a giant edible happy pill (antidepressant) – so we can all have a nibble and feel better, a canoe, 2 yellow PVC raincoats (for the storm), a onesie for comfort and Yoko – The puppy that Demi may have or may not bought to feel better.


K.I.D Theatre Company – TAH: The African Heterosexual

TAH: The African Heterosexual shows a young man’s relationship in defining his manhood and sexuality.

K.I.D are made up of three young, black african theatre-makers; David Gilbert, Kayode Ewumi and Ibrahim Shote. K.I.D artistically aim to create theatre that can only be made by none other than K.I.D. K.I.D exist because they believe there are still discriminate concepts today of what manhood is and especially of what an African man is which need to be challenged.

JoeHancock/Joe Von Malachowski/Tom Recknell – LAIKA

LAIKA is a lo-fi musical comedy based on the real life story of the stray Soviet dog sent into space, and reimagines it as a very human tragedy of desperate measures and thwarted ambition. With singing dogs. In space.

Laika, 28*, is a single mother of two pups, dreams of escaping the poverty and starvation of life on the back streets of 1950’s Moscow.

As the Cold War escalates, Laika is offered an opportunity for stardom, and a chance for a better life for her children- but is it too good to be true?**

*Dog years.


Tina Hofman – Lucid Interval

Someone completes you, and lights up your life in every possible way. But what happens when that someone suddenly disappears? That void left behind and the division of a life in to two distinct halves – one with them, one without – is at the root of this new piece from Tina Hofman. Inspired by our most private places and the way our minds and bodies deal with a sudden change in our reality, Lucid Interval investigates the space we come to inhabit between normality and chaos when sudden, shocking loss occurs.

Zoo Indigo – Celluloid Souls

Zoo Indigo’s Celluloid Souls is an interactive and unique digital performance experience exploring our obsession with the cinema. Using live video feeds and pre-recorded material the performers dive in and out of projections, crossing the celluloid divide. Zoo Indigo use audience contribution to create a tailor-made multi media performance, including re-enactments of the spectators’ favourite films, and memories related to the cinema. The performance humorously addresses representation of gender in different movie genres, with a delicious assortment of cross-dressing, miscellaneous costumes, make up, and fake moustaches.

Please email your favorite film moment to Ildiko@zooindigo.co.uk, to feature in the performance.

Zoo Indigo is a contemporary performance company based in Nottingham, playing with the innovative integration of new technologies. Through the use of humour, popular music and the reprocessing of cultural images fused with autobiography, the company explores the banalities of the everyday juxtaposed to the grandeur of the cinematic.


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Line Up Announced for PILOT Night at AE Harris!

And what a stonking line-up it is.

We are delighted to announce the line up for the next PILOT Night! Co-PILOTed by lovely local theatre makers Francesca Millican-Slater and Sarah Baker, the next PILOT Nights will take place at AE Harris on Thursday 19th March.

We are excited to welcome these fantastic theatre makers from across the UK to perform at the first PILOT Night of 2015:

Demi Nandhra – Life Is No Laughing Matter
K.I.D Theatre Company – TAH: The African Heterosexual
Joe Hancock/Joe Von Malachowski/Tom Recknell – LAIKA
Tina Hofman – Lucid Interval
Zoo Indigo – Silver Screen Dreams 

See these new ideas from some of the UK’s most exciting theatre makers, and stick around afterwards for live music and drinks and to meet the artists and let them know what you thought.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Pageand Twitter for more information about the artists and the pieces they will be presenting in March!

Tickets are now on sale for the event and are limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

Thursday 19th March 2015  7.30pm| PILOT Nights @ AE HARRIS
Tickets: £5
Book Tickets here

Another exciting announcement…

PILOT Sites is back for 2015!

The first ever PILOT Sites for work-in-progress sited and/or outdoor work took place last year at the Birmingham Hippodrome. It was such a successful event that we are bringing it back for 2015! This time we’re heading to Stratford-upon-Avon where the Royal Shakespeare Company will be hosting and co-piloting.

We’ll be releasing more details of the event and how to apply very soon so keep an eye out on the newsletter, website and social media for that. But for now here are some very important dates for your diary!

PILOT SITES @ RSC Sunday 21st June 2015 Submissions open:6th March 2015

Submissions close: 27th March 2015

About the RSC:

The Royal Shakespeare Company creates theatre at its best, made in Stratford-upon-Avon and shared around the world. Everyone at the RSC – from actors to armourers, musicians to technicians – plays a part in creating the world you see on stage. All  productions begin life at the Stratford workshops and theatres and then they bring  them to the widest possible audience through their touring, residencies, live broadcasts and online activity. So wherever you experience the RSC, you experience work made in Shakespeare’s home town.

They encourage everyone to enjoy a lifelong relationship with Shakespeare and live theatre.  They produce an inspirational artistic programme each year, setting Shakespeare in context, alongside the work of his contemporaries and today’s writers.  They have trained generations of the very best theatre makers and continue to nurture the talent of the future. They reach 450,000 children and young people annually through their education work across the UK, transforming their experiences in the classroom, in performance and online.

Registered charity no. 212481