What happens now? PILOT Nights Survey

Hello out there to artists, audiences and venues.

Wow, it’s been a long year, but the sun has been shining again, restrictions are lifting…and we’ve even heard that some artists out there have actually made it into rehearsal rooms together, which makes us very happy! But despite nuggets of good news, still, are you asking the same questions that we at PILOT Nights are asking?

“What happens now?”

Through our lockdown slumbers over the past year, the PILOT Nights team have been continually wondering about our next steps to best support artists in the region. We are considering options to repurpose the current PILOT Nights grants, to best address challenges that artists are facing as a result of lockdown. As the theatre world is showing signs of waking up, now feels like the right time to direct our questions to artists, in the form of a survey. We want to gather as clear an idea as possible of artists’ current needs, so that we can ensure that PILOT Nights funds that are available are put to the best possible use.

If you feel willing to share with us some of your thoughts and experiences of being an artist who has been impacted by the events of the last year, we would really value your contribution to our survey. What is the reality of your own challenges, needs and hopes as a theatre making artist?

You can click on the blue button below to take you to the survey, and please also share widely with your colleagues and friends. We’ll be closing the survey on 21st June 2021 in order to feed your responses into our plans.

Click here to fill out the Survey

If you would prefer to record your answers in a voice note, you can send the file to us at pilotnights@gmail.com